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Who Are We?

"It isn't just a Brand...It's a way of Life!"

Founded in 2015 on the premise of a suffocating need for actual all-natural hair products designed for easier use and application to "natural" coifs, Naturally Happy was born! 

A working, married mother of two children under four, with a fast-growing fro and dire need for quick and thorough moisture replenishment sat at a kitchen table one day staring at a bottle of Olive Oil (to be used for sautéing chicken breasts later), and a dropper bottle used to distribute liquid vitamins to her infant, and came up with a brilliant idea! Growing tired of spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours on products that either never worked, or just took too long to apply, she decided to make her Own product in her Own unique packaging that would be suitable for her lifestyle and needs! Not only did this idea work tremendously, others began to inquire about the noticeable growth, health, and lustrous sheen of Mom's hair! Soon, the simple idea created to make her life simpler had now become an innovative miracle product for several family and friends. After some careful thought, research, and planning, Mom decided to develop a brand and introduced the first product of the Naturally Happy line, Ethel's Elixir

True to the founding of this amazing product and brand, all things involved with Naturally Happy are organic and naturally derived. The original formula is composed of 8 Key Ingredients, all of 100% potency: Olive Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Lemon Oil. Olive and Castor Oil are known as Carrier Oils, Argan Oil is plant oil, and the others are known as Essential Oils. Each mixture comes in a sleek dark cobalt blue glass bottle with accompanying dropper. The need for the shaded bottle is to protect the purity and longevity of the product. Most essential oils are prone to oxidation and damage caused by temperature variations and UV exposure. Thus, more conservative and specialized packaging is required. 

As we continue to grow and expand, the purpose will never change! Come along the journey and learn what it Truly means to be Naturally Happy

Why Naturally Happy?

At Naturally Happy, there is a priority in offering customers outstanding, quality, all- natural hair care products and services, dedicated primarily to women of color. Along with this culture comes a strong need in understanding the biology of hair and what is truly needed to achieve Naturally Happy Healthy strands. It is our mission to not only provide state of the art hair care products, but to educate consumers on all things encompassed within a consistent healthy way of life!