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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What IS Healthy Hair?
A: Firstly, in understanding healthy hair, one must essentially understand the molecular structure and biology of Hair! Your scalp is the beginning foundation to hair health. Think of planting and fertilizing a seed that eventually turns into a beautiful bunch of flowers. Healthy hair cannot be achieved without a healthy scalp! Each hair on your head comes directly through a single hair follicle within your scalp. 91% of the structure of your hair is protein, with the hair follicle itself producing a specific protein called keratin. In addition to keratin, hair is generally composed of color pigment (melanin), vitamins, traces of minerals such as zinc, and lastly, water. Being knowledgable of what your strands are made of gives you the basic principles needed to incorporate what is continually needed to adequately take care of your coif. This is the first step to healthy hair!  

Q: What's in the Ethel's Elixir product, and how will that help MY hair?
A: The original product mixture is comprised of the following 8 key ingredients: Olive Oil, Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Lemon Oil. There are no other fillers or inorganic additives added. This makes for the highest potency, ensuring that your strands get nothing but 100% pure absorption. This product is geared towards those with naturally curly, afro-textured hair for a reason! This hair type tends to be drier and courser than most others. Why? Hair's naturally produced conditioner, sebum, works to seal moisture into your hair and skin. However, on afro-textured hair, the bends, coils, and curls, make it more difficult for the sebum to travel down the hair shaft. This is where Ethel's Elixir comes in! The perfect blend of plant and essential oils in the product help to restore that lost sebum, adding in other key nutrients also needed. 

Q: Why does the Ethel's Elixir come in a dark glass bottle?
A: There are specific ways that essential oils must be stored and preserved. Essential oils are natural substances that start to oxidize the minute they are exposed to the air and other environmental properties. The dark glass bottle protects the oils from degrading UV rays from sunlight, and preserves the integrity and consistency of the product. The product should also stored at cool temperature to prevent them from going off too quickly. The plant carrier oils Olive and Black Castor help to stabilize the structure of the product. 

Q: How often should I use my Ethel's Elixir?
A: While this obviously depends on thickness and texture of hair, the generally recommended use of the product is at least twice weekly (immediately following your wash and condition on  damp scalp and hair, and then again four days after on a dry scalp). This is to achieve maximum hydration without clogging the pores or leaving the hair limp and oily. Each time the product is used, one Full dropper should be administered throughout the hair. Two full drops can be used in thicker/fuller hair. 

Q: Can I use my Ethel's Elixir as a deep conditioner?
A: Absolutely! In fact, for finer textures and/or damaged and extremely dry tresses, I encourage it! Penetration goes deeper with steam and heat. 1-3 full droppers can be added to pre-poo treatments, conditioners, or even shampoos. For customers with specific weak spots or struggling edges, one full dropper can be applied and massaged into the area twice weekly as well. 

Q: Is the Ethel's Elixir for only women?
A: No! This product can be used for men, women, and children! (Of course taking into account allergies and scalp conditions). There are several Naturally Happy male customers who depend on the greatness of this miracle oil to keep their locs and beards moisturized and healthy! 

Q: Does Naturally Happy have other products?
A: Yes! Expansion is key!! Currently, Naturally Happy is working on bringing several new exciting and innovative products to the market. Along with Sandalwood beard and detangling combs, the newest additions at this time are the Thirsty Tangles Hydrating & Detangling Pre-Shampoo Treatment, and the "Groomed Man" Beard & Goatee Oil for men. Check out the Web Store for more details. More products are also coming soon!