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Naturally Happy Reviews

"This elixir is a must have for natural hair. It's nothing but natural oils and keeps my hair healthy and shiny!"

- Shanyce G., Chicago, IL

"Got mine! Smells Amazing too!!!! I used it on my daughter's hair yesterday evening to twist and it's so moisturized and shiny! Complete difference!! Super Awesome stuff girl!!!" 

- Jennifer R., Wheaton, IL 

"I've been impatiently waiting for my 'KIDS' bottle, as you already know, lol! I can't wait! I'm tired of these tiny humans using my bottle! I Love this stuff!!!"

- Sharlena S., Maywood, IL

"I've been using this oil since December 2014 shortly after finishing up chemo. My hair is growing and thin spots are no more. I simply Love this oil!"

- Ravonne P., East St Louis, IL

"The Gods then created @be_naturally_happy's hair elixir and my daughter's hair growth has really taken off. Thank You!!" 

- Shaniece B., San Diego, CA 

"I am LOVING Ethel's Elixir. It keeps my scalp nice and healthy, and my hair full and shiny! I have issues with flakes and dry scalp, and since I've been using your product- not a flake in sight! Thank you again!"

- J Mari M., Country Club Hills, IL 


"I'm so excited about my new Hair Oil [Elixir]! How many places can you spend your money and get a hand written note? Recycle your Black dollar! Plus it smells soooo good!" 

- Julia M., Chicago, IL 

"I was never one to use oil on my locs because I didn't really trust the contents. Here, I know I'm getting all natural products which makes me Much more secure! Plus, it smells Terrific and keeps a long lasting sheen on my locs! Thanks Naturally Happy!!"

- John B., Chicago, IL


"I Love this oil! I suffer from dry scalp and this has solved that problem for me. I recently left the country and made sure that I packed it in my luggage! It was wonderful on days I went swimming in the pool or ocean. My hair didn't dry out the way it normally does!"

- Delexia P., Chicago, IL

"I usually have an extremely dry scalp during the fall and winter months. I’m happy to say, not anymore! Ethel’s Elixir has kept my scalp and hair so balanced and moisturized. I’m 5 years natural, however, it has quickly become one of my all-time favs and a staple in my haircare lineup."

- Keegan J., Saint Louis, MO

Actual Naturally Happy Customer

One of my best customers, Donna Edwards (pictured on the right along with Naturally Happy's Co-Owner and Executive Director of Marketing), all the way in Saint Louis! 

A Naturally Happy customer since the beginning, she gets SO many compliments on her hair health and growth! Just look at those gorgeous golden locs!! 

Her favorite product is the original Ethel's Elixir. She commits to 2x/week regular use, applying a full dropper to her scalp, and then massaging thoroughly. 

Thanks Donna! We appreciate You!!